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Fundamental Beliefs 

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. The Spirit of Prophecy profides further understanding but does not change the bible beliefs.

In short:  
We believe that the state of the dead is sleeping in the grave until the 2nd coming of Jesus for the righteous and the 3rd coming of Jesus for the wicked.
We believe in the Spirit of Prophecy as given by the Holy Ghost to inspired writers of the bible and His prophets.
We believe in the soon coming of Jesus to deliver the saints to His kingdom.
We believe in the Law of God as His character to be reflected in His saints through love in their hearts.
We believe that the Sabbath Commandment is the sign and test for these last days and how the saints will be sealed.
We believe in the 3 angel's messages which encompass the righteousness of Christ and a health message for these last days.
We believe in full immersion baptism as described in the bible.
We believe that through Christ Jesus we can have the victory over sin in this life through surrender to His will.
We believe that the ordinance of communion and foot washing as shown us by Jesus is a renewal of our baptism.
We believe that the sanctuary reveals truths about prophecy and Jesus throughout history and up to the 2nd coming of Jesus.
We believe that man is born separated from God and must be born again through the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

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