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~10:00 am Sabbath Schools split groups in own language:  English / Spanish

~11:00 am   Service combined group in the  sanctuary
                 (translation when available) by Sabbaths of                     the month

 Speaker schedule: 

     Sept:  Medina, *Carlos, Flores, Salinas, Oblak
     Oct:  Oblak, Larson, Salinas, Salgado
     Nov.  Medina, Larson, Flores, Salinas
     Dec. Oblak, Larson, Salgado, Oblak, Salinas

       * Friday night vespers, worship service, and after potluck a set of 3 sermons
            about the life of Jesus.             

~12:30 pm  You are invited to stay after the service for a Fellowship Luncheon 
                     2nd & 4th Sabbaths 

Afternoon events:  pathfinders as scheduled

updated 9/10/18



The three angel's messages of Rev. 14 are to be proclaimed now.  Jesus says, I come quickly.